I would absolutely love to run these fanlistings. Seriously love. Seriously. I'm not trying to offend their current owners, I'm just saying that I really love these subjects :)

zohmygodzorz! wishes

Rilo Kiley
Category: Musicians- Bands/Groups
I have been a Rilo Kiley fan for...well, I don't even remember exactly when I became a fan. I just remember that the first time I heard "Pictures of Success" a few years ago, I immediately fell in love with this band. I like to listen to music as much as the next person, but I just didn't have the same passion for it as a lot of people do. Rilo Kiley makes me feel that strong passion for music. They reawakened my love for music! If I ever had the chance to run their fanlisting, I would probably go into some state of shock...and when I come out of that, I would be extremely ecsatic.

Logan Echolls and Veronica Mars (VM)
Category: Relationships-TV
When I devote myself to a fandom, I usually pick a pairing and ship them almost psychotically! But I've never quite loved one as much as Logan and Veronica. I wanted them together since the first episode, where they hated each other. That's really how all the best couples start out! They have their ups and downs. And I love it just as much when they're fighting as when they're together. That's amazing chemistry right there. I cannot count the hours I've spent ranting and anti-ranting about those two. Even when it seems like they're doomed, I'm forever the optimist and figure that whatever bumps they hit in the road just mean that the ride will be smoother in the future.

Anya Jenkins (BtVS)
Category: Characters-TV
I have been a huge Anya fan since The Wish, and when they started bringing her back more frequently, she quickly became my favorite character. She's so honest, funny, and aggressive. And at the same time, she's one of the most vulnerable characters on the show. The other characters often underestimate her, but she's proved so many times that she can be extremely smart and helpful. It always seems like we know exactly who she is, but her arc on the show is like one long search for identity. She is one amazing character, and it doesn't hurt that she has such a killer sense of style :P

Remus Lupin (Harry Potter)
Category: Characters- Book/Movie
Okay, this is partly because I have a weird crush on him :P But out of all the Marauders, Lupin is my favorite. He's done his share of mischief- I mean, come on, he was James and Sirius's friend. But he was also the (supposed) rational voice and the book-worm of that group. And I love my nerdys! I love Lupin as an adult, because he can get along with the students without trying to hard to be their friend. And he can be a voice of authority or guidance, without being an overly strict teacher or father figure. I don't know exactly, but I think he's a nice balance between all the adult characters in the series, and I love it when he's around :)

Category: Movies
Clueless is my absolute favorite movie, and it has been since I was a kid. I remember just falling in love with it when I saw it in the theater. Obviously, I was pretty young when it came out, and I didn't get, um, most of the jokes and themes. But it is just a fun movie with so much heart, and Cher is such a loveable character, that I loved the movie anyway :) And oh my god, the costumes! I truly believe that this movie is one of the reasons why I became so fascinated with fashion. Clueless one of the first movies with which I truly fell in love. And as shallow it may seem to some people, Clueless has impacted my life in so many ways.

Ewan McGregor
Category: Actors
Watch Trainspotting and Moulin Rouge. Those movies are why, in very large part, Ewan McGregor is my favorite actor. I love seeing him in different roles, and no matter what kind of character he plays, I totally believe it. He makes me fall in love with each character in very different ways. What else can I say about Ewan McGregor? To keep any unnecessary gushing (although, I don't believe any gushing is unnecessary) to a minimum...Ewan is fantastic, incredibly diverse actor, and I can't help but love him.

River Tam (Firefly)
Category: Characters(TV)
When I started watching Firefly, River immediately became my favorite character, and I thought Sumer Glau did a wonderful job portraying her. And it's not because she's crazy (like some people think I am). Well, not just because she's crazy. Even aside from the insanity, she just has this personality of her own. She obviously cares a great deal for the people in her life. And she's so incredibly clever! Many times, I think she's more aware of her surroundings than anybody else. That may just be because of her superawesome mind-reading skills (okay, a bit jealous!). Cutting to the point, River is just adorable, kick-ass, graceful, genius, crazy, and superfreakin' awesome...all in one little person.

Category: Misc.> Colors
The color pink is my life. It really is. Most of my clothes are pink. To the point where I pretty much have to wear pink every day. I incorporate pink into most of my fanart and layouts. I just think it's a gorgeous color, and I always feel good using it. Not to mention, my birthstone is pink! Plus, one of the causes I believe in most is represented by pink ribbons, and is observed in my birth month. Okay, I'm sure they didn't do that just for me. But you get the point. Pink means a great deal for me, and it is such a huge part of my life.

Category: TV Shows
Psych is just one of those wonderful shows that makes me feel good everytime I watch it. It just lifts my spirits. It may not be as intense as some of the other shows I watch, but that's part of why I love it so much. Psych puts together some of my favorite aspects of any TV show. The characters are so fun to watch, and they have such awesome chemistry. And the plots...a bit ridiculous? Yes. But I like TV as an escape from real life, and I gladly welcome ridiculousness! The heart, the characters, and the fun are all real for me, no matter how crazy the show can get. Psych is hilarious, and even in the short time it's been on, I love it as much as (or even more than) some of my favorite TV shows.

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