Case Files

This site is a fanlisting collective owned by me, J.j. and hosted by Sam. Why the name Case Files? Because a lot of my fanlistings are TV-related, and many of my favorite TV shows involve detectives, or at least have a good amount of mystery-solving/investigating. And detectives do have their share of cases and files ;) Plus, I thought the name sounded neat!

If you want to contact me about Case Files, or any of my fanlistings, please email me at fan.casefiles[at]

This site is purely fan-made and non-profit. It is solely here to show my appreciation for its subjects. No copyright infringement is intended.

Current Layout

I really felt like I needed a new layout for this site, and what a better subject than my current obsession? All I've been doing lately is make Blake Lewis icons. And I've been listening to his recordings and performances quite a bit, so I felt it was appropriate :)


case files v5. featuring Blake Lewis. argyle is love.